TOMATOBLAST™ 5-6-8 is also a blend of organic and inorganic elements.
  • Faster production of strong, healthy plants.
  • Bigger, better tasting tomatoes & veggies.
  • For all tomatoes: in the ground, in containers and pots.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Unique organic blend balanced for better plant absorption.
  • Won’t burn out roots or leaves.
  • Easy to use: sprinkle on every 3 to 4 weeks, no mixing with water, no stained fingers.
  • Added calcium helps fight against blossom end rot.
  • TomatoBlast

    If you love growing tomatoes but are often disappointed with the results, Tomatoblast is the product for you!
    Tomatoes need a balance of nutrients including phosphorus, potassium magnesium and calcium. Tomatoblast gives you the perfect blend of all these to produce the best tomatoes you've ever tasted!
    Tomatoblast is not like other brands that can overwhelm young plants or burn out mature ones. The nutrients break down slowly, allowing the plant to take what it needs, when it needs it! It also boosts the plant's resistance to disease and insects and helps the soil to hold moisture better. The result? A strong, healthy plant that grows quickly.
    Use when transplanting or as a top dressing around your tomato and other vegetable plants. The organic nutrients boost the greenhouse and garden tomato’s resistance to plant disease and insects and the added potassium and calcium offer optimum results in tomato hardiness, growth, maturity, quality and greatly reduces tomato blossom end rot. The combination of elements gives the plant a quick robust start and superior continued feeding up to 4 weeks. 397gm
    As a bonus, Tomatoblast is easy to use. Simply sprinkle a couple scoops around the plant. Water it thoroughly with a gentle spray. You can use Tomatoblast whether your plants are in the ground or in containers.
    Plus, there's no expiration date - as long as you keep the lid on and keep it dry, it will last forever.
    Tomatoblast - it's tomato growing success in a jar!